The Subscription Genius Paywall makes it easy to protect pages, manage subscriber logins, logouts, and sales.

To use the Subscription Genius Paywall you will need to place this code on every page of your website. Additionally, you will need to register your site in the Subscription Genius control panel. Please be aware you must specify the exact address. Please be sure to check if your site uses the www subdomain. Not all sites use this.

The installed javascript will automatically detect all links on your site pointing to The installed script will override any action of the link and open the overlay on the site to the destination page.

You may create a login/logout button in your navigation for subscribers. To do this use the "sg_login", "sg_logout" CSS class on any tag. When clicked the login box will be displayed.

Each box will hide and show according to the state of the subscriber.

When the Paywall Script detects that a subscriber is logged in, there will be a hidden input field placed at the start of the body. You may use any scripts or actions to fetch the subscriber id. The value in the above code is the Subscriber's ID. This can be used to make additional calls to the REST API by your servers.