Response Parameters
Paramater Description Data Type
count Number of subscribers in the mailing list. String
date_created YYYY-MM-DD String
grace_from_date YYYY-MM-DD Date
grace_issues Number of issues past a subscribers expiration to still include in list. String
is_gap If the list is a gap list including subscribers on an already delivered issue. String
mailing_list_id Unique id referencing the mailing list. String
name Usually the name of the issue or the name of the list. String
parent_mailing_list_id If the list is a gap list. This will reference the mailing list for the primary mailing list. Int
status 'Auto-renewal Pending','Auto-renewal Processing','Auto-renewal Complete','Pending','Generating Galley','Generating','Error','Complete' ENUM
Example Response
  "date_created":"2010-12-19 20:25:13"